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Well hello out there Blogging world…

This whole blogging experience is something very new to me, but something that I have been thinking about for a while now. 

To have a place to write my thoughts, comments and daily activities and send them out there into that who know where they go place called the internet.  So that people I have never met and know nothing about will get to spend each day with me and share in my joys, sorrows, accomplishments and day to day life.  Amazing hey!!  Yet intriguingly fascinating.  We want to share with strangers and we want strangers to share with us.

So what to share…

This blog will be a combination of things I suppose, but mostly what just pops into my head when I sit down 🙂  It will include my day to day stuff, my struggles life as a mum.

I am passionate about Children’s ministries and I look forward to sharing tips and ideas for those out there that are passionate about that too. 

So there we go, my first post – very short as I really should be doing something other than sitting here typing, but I couldn’t resist starting once I had started.

Have a great day


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