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A daily ritual within our household is something we like to call Family Fun Time.  It is basically a time that we set aside each day to “play” together as a family.  We do things like hide and seek, 4WD ing, feed the ducks, build blocks…  The list is really endless – the only rule is that everyone in the family must participate in the fun.

Today for family fun time we did painting.

Here is a picture before we began…

Family Fun Time painting

I covered our kitchen table with paper – I got this paper from a Newspaper place – it is the left over paper on the roll when they are finished printing – can’t remember how much it cost, but it wasn’t expensive and really comes in handy with kids.

It is always interesting to me watching how differently we create when given the same things to create with.   Here are our creations…

Special Man…

Special Man and his painting

This is a picture of Daisy – from the Daisy Picture books written by Jane Simmons – if you haven’t read them you should.


Me and my painting

Lots of colour and dots – I was enjoying the monotony of dotting.  It was also easy to focus on amid the constant wiping of Princess Curly Tops “kucky” fingers.

Special Son…

Special Son and his painting

This is a picture of a house and a tornado

Princess Joy Bug…Princess Joy Bug and her painting

This is a rainbow – a basic expression of exploring paint and how quickly you can spread it. 

Princess Curly Tops…

Princess Curly Tops and her painting

Interestingly she only wanted to use yellow and purple paint.  Exploring stripes and dots and of course the extremely fun painting style of back and forth.

The finished product…

Our masterpiece

There you have it our Family Fun Time painting creation! 

I wonder what we’ll get up to tomorrow…


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Yesterday afternoon the kids and I went out into the backyard, initially for the kids to ride their bikes.  But as our garden has lots of new sprouting grass, it is also filled with grasshoppers.  Jonathan (6) (who will from now on be called Special son) is very good at catching them so very soon he and Kiraleigh (3) (Princess Joy Bug) had caught dozens of them.  Princess Joy Bug had 4 in her hand at one time.  Even our youngest – Kassi (19mths)(Princess Curly Tops) got in on the action and came trudging over to show me her hopper.

The fun didn’t end there however.  Special son and Princess Joy Bug, eventually decided on three perfect specimens that were destined to spend the night in our house and eventually go to the land where all good grasshoppers go that have been overloved by little fingers.

They spent the night in a large container with lots of lettuce from the fridge in Princess Joy Bug’s room.  They then had an action packed morning on the mat at the front door hopping around, on her bed doing their own “Family Fun Time” – as of course there was a mummy, daddy and baby grasshopper. 

They even got to watch Skeeter with Princess Joy Bug.

Princess Joy Bug and the Grasshoppers

Their eventual demise I was not told about – I have only been informed by Special son that they will need to catch some more this afternoon.

So watch out bugs – the Cinzios are coming 🙂

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We have an Easter Egg hunt with a difference in our house.  A couple of years ago, I bought this great resource – Resurrection Eggs.  Each of the eggs have a different object relating to the end of Jesus’ life – From riding on the colt up to when he is risen.  The set also comes with a booklet that has Scripture and a little explanation for each egg.

My kids are a little bit little for that.  So we have an egg hunt and then have fun opening each egg and talking about each item.  They had lots of fun searching.  We finished our Easter morning with the DVD – He is Risen from Nest entertainment.

A lovely Easter morning.

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Karyn Henley is a favourite in our household and last week our family also became the kitchen band, marching around the house with their kitchen intruments singing…Here we come, here we come, here comes the kitchen band.  We have a good God, a mighty God, a great God a wonderful God.

So precious!!  I must say Special Man really got into the swing of things – thoroughly enjoying playing the empty juice bottle 🙂

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So today we headed off to the markets to get some fruit. 

We were late (what’s new) even though we had had the best intentions of getting there right on opening time, for the first time since we have started our fortnightly foray into the whirlwind that is the markets.

It always takes us an hour and a half to get out of the house in the morning, no matter how we try, or how we plan – from go to woe (getting dressed, breakfast etc) always manages to take and hour and a half.  So this morning we thought that we would trick the system and buy breakfast on the way to the market – good in theory, not so good in actuality!

Every man and his dog (or should I say mother and her child) were at the bakery, so the wait was far less than desirable.  But finally armed with some baker’s delights I got back to the car and we began our journey – did I mention that it was pouring rain. 

Yes rain…

Rain and the markets – not a good combination.

The bucketing rain meant the kids had to stay in the car and my husband Daniel (who will from now on be referred to as Special Man) and I played tag team fruit buyers.

So even amongst all of the confusion and added pressure of the bucketing rain, frenzied forklift drivers and “sick of being in the car” children.  We managed to achieve our aim and now have a fridge brimming with wonderful fresh fruit and veges.

Well worth pressing on through the challenges to get to the prize…

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Well it will be quite obvious to any of you who have popped in here to check out my blog, that I have been very quiet since the whole “let’s start a blog” thing. 

The main reason for my lack of posts is I haven’t got a clue what I should write about. 

Do I write about my day?  Do I try to draw interesting and meaningful things from my day?  Do I write about children’s ministries, maybe songwriting, my new website…  The list is endless, but the decision is still sort of out there.  What do I put on here that is read worthy, interesting, yet informative…

Tough one…

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Following the Son

Ever had a day where you felt like you never stopped running?  Well that is every day for this arctic animal, the caribou; they travel further than any other land dwelling mammal, sometimes as far as 5000 km per year.  Why are they always running? While there are some necessary reasons, like finding safe places for birthing their babies and the continual search for food, the main movement maker is the mosquito!


Millions of mosquitoes hatch every summer on the tundra.  This is also the time when the tundra is inhabited by the herds of caribou that come every year to have their babies, which interestingly are all born within 5 days of each other.  Because the tundra is so flat, it makes it easy for the caribou and their babies to stay safe from predators and as the top layer of earth has thawed due to the warmer weather it provides lots of nourishing food for the new mothers.


Unfortunately this thawing also provides the perfect environment for mosquito breeding.  So even though the tundra promises such great things for the caribou, their joy is short-lived, as the mosquitos’ constant bite keeps them continually on the move. Sometimes the mosquitoes get so bad that the caribou take to the water just to escape!


Caribou are excellent swimmers and have no problem swimming across large icy rivers or lakes; they have even been known to sleep in the water!  How come this warm-blooded mammal doesn’t freeze to death in the arctic waters?  Well this animal is God designed! 


The caribou have two circulatory systems; the upper circulatory system encompasses everything above their legs, including body and head and the lower circulatory system pumps just through their legs and feet.  The lower system is kept at a much cooler temperature than the upper, meaning the extremities can handle the freezing temperatures of the arctic waters, as their normal temperature is already quite cool.  What an amazing God!!


One of the special attributes of caribou migration is this; they know when to leave. The females leave two weeks ahead of the males who bring up the rear with the year-old calves. They eventually catch up and complete the journey together. While we are not sure why they leave separately, we do know that their timing is acutely accurate.


The caribou are keen students of the weather, including temperature and humidity. As they study these things, without the aid of a calendar, or barometer, they sense the exact right time to leave and immediately head off.  In essence, they keep their eye on the sun and follow its leading in their lives.


We today, amidst the ups and downs of this planet, are offered the same reliable direction from our Heavenly Father.  He says in Proverbs 3:5-6 that as we in all our ways acknowledge Him, He will direct our paths.  He who made us, who sustains us and who loves us is offering to be our coach and our guide on life’s journey. Can you think of a better guide?


He guides the Caribou on the longest migratory route possible and even directs them on paths that avoid the potentially dangerous areas where wolves are known to live in high density. He wants to do the same for us. I want to be like the Caribou and follow the sun – God’s Son all the way to our promised land, Heaven.  Don’t you?
To see some more caribou click here

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