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Inspiration has struck again…

Outback adventure, my new venture is beginning to take shape. 

Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy are about to head down under and explore the unique qualities of our little Aussie icons.  Funnily enough, we are actually going back to where we all began, as our very first ever Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy program was all about the Australian Billabong and the animals that visited there – but none of the songs we sang at the time were totally mine – some of them I had tweaked to make them more appropriate for a Christian Kids program – which is why we haven’t taken this program to it’s full potential before – we had no songs to sing!  But now, six years later, we are bringing those Aussie critters out of hiding and seeing what lessons we can learn from them and singing about them in our own Cinzio style.

So how do I go about the whole – let’s write a song process…

When you see an interview of a singer/songwriter on TV they are always inevitably asked the question – so how do you write your songs, do you write the lyrics first or the music.  Their answer…sometimes the lyrics, sometimes the music, sometimes it just all comes together.  Before I started writing songs my response to these statements was – Come on – what kind of an answer is that!!!  You just don’t want to let us in on the secret, and of course you wrote the lyrics first, how on earth can you come up with a melody without having any words!!!!

Well…I was wrong 🙂

Inspiration strikes when it likes and how it likes!!

It has no rhyme nor reason, there is no prescription, it doesn’t follow any pattern.  It just comes – sometimes in melody, sometimes in lyrics, but mostly simultaneously.

I am always singing – ask my kids – this is not an exaggeration.  I sing about everything.  Kiraleigh gets in her chair – Kiraleigh is getting in her chair, how oh how will she get up there…I say – we are having eggs for tea – We are having eggs for tea, yummy yummy yummy yum yum meeee.  Yes I know what you are thinking – so glad I don’t live there!!!! 🙂

But my point is (yes there is a point! ), music and singing are a part of who I am.  I naturally think musically – annoying as it may be to those around me – it is how my songs are formed.  And I think that it is hereditry as I remember my mum doing the same thing and Special Son and Princess Joy Bug do it too – Little songwriters in the making.

I write most of my songs in the shower (Bet you didn’t see that coming :)). 

A place for a mother of three little people where I can get some me time and the ideas that have been floating around in my head all start to come together…but I’m getting ahead of myself…

For me, song writing is a process.  I get the ideas together – I research all of the facts about the animal that I want to write about – it’s habits, unique qualities, colouring, etc.  Then I pray (the most important element of the entire process – always consult the Creator!!) with Special Man to the God who created these animals, and designed the lessons He wanted us to learn about them and ask Him to lead us to the lessons He wants us to bring to the children listening to our music.  Special man is particularly talented at drawing out the love lesson!!! 

The first song that I have written for this latest Album is about the koala.  When I researched the koala, I found that they sleep 20 hours out of ever 24.  That is a serious amount of sleep!!!!  So then I started thinking – what can we learn from an – I just sleep all of the time animal.  To rest of course!!!  Children never want to go to bed when it is bedtime – and us adults are always saying hello to the midnight hours, so why not write a song that reminds us that – Rest is Best.  And who better to teach it to us than the always asleep koala!!

So with these ideas spinning around in my head – I head for the shower 🙂  It is here that I usually come up with the first verse and chorus to my songs.  Then I hit the keyboard and computer and put the finishing touches to the new masterpiece song ;).  This is the process that is usually the most frustrating – as getting the exact chords that I want to make the song sound exactly as it sounds in my head is not always easy – again this is where Special man usually comes into the equation.  He has an incredible ear for music and producing beautiful “out of the ordinary” chords on his ukulele.  So if I’m stuck – he usually rescues me and finds that pesky little three-noted necessity (he holds the chords to my heart :)).

I always enjoy putting little tit bits of my life experiences into my songs.  The opening line is – the koala with the sleepy eyes – This came about from a phrase I had read the day before to Princess Joy Bug from the book Wombat Stew – in this story the sleepy-eyed koala comes down out of the gum tree – and I thought that this phrase perfectly painted the picture I wanted to portray of the resting koala. 

This koala song also contains the phrase “While he drifts off into La La Land”  La la land was a place often referred to in my household as I was growing up to indicate when someone was daydreaming as opposed to listening to the conversation – they were in “La La land” – the land of daydreams.  So I amd very happy to have now imortalised this special family saying.

Yesterday inspiration struck again…this time for the song about the Kangaroo – Leap of Faith.  I had a tiny little melody idea, which had come to me about a week ago when I sat down at the keyboard for a minute or two while Special man showered the kids. 

Yesterday the kids and I were driving in the car and we started singing Leop of faith – Special son and I were playing around with ideas to fit in – then he came up with a great idea – Take a leap of faith, just like the kangaroo and POW!!!  we were getting somewhere!!!!…then when Princess Joy Bug woke from her rest (hours later) I asked her if she wanted to take a leap of faith, just like the kangaroo… and the words kept coming…

“Take a leap of faith, just like the kangaroo

And you’ll do things you thought you’d never do!”

So I am waiting in anticipation to take a leap of faith and see how inspirations strikes today…


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“Count your blessings name them one by one

Count your blessings see what God has done

Count your many blessings

Name them one by one

Count your many blessings

See what God has done!”

This morning for worship we decided to count our blessings and make a list of ten blessings that we have in our life – we ended up with 18… Here is the list.

1. Special Son was thankful for the blessing of answered prayer.

     Last year Special Son wanted to go out driving in his little electric car, but it was raining.  So he prayed that the rain would stop – and it did.  Just long enough for him to drive to the park and back.  We serve an Awesome God who answers our prayers!!!!!

2. Princess Joy Bug was thankful that Jesus loves us even when we do nasty things.

3.  Special Son was thankful that God keeps Satan away from us.

4.  Princess Joy Bug was thankful that God and Jesus are so powerful that they will kill Satan and can keep him away from us.

5.  I was thankful for panadol

Yes mummy is thankful for the big things in life :), but my reason for saying this, was in thinking of the devastation that happened in families of bygone eras where medicine for things such as simple colds was not available.  So with the sniffly season upon us – Panadol is an answer to a pray – a definite blessing!!

6. Princess Joy Bug was thankful that Jesus loved others.

7. Both Princess Joy Bug and Special Son were thankful that Jesus and God always keep us safe.

8. Princess Joy Bug was thankful that we can talk to God and that when we go to heaven all the creatures and all the people that have died will be alive again.

Amen Sister!!!!!

9.  Special Son is thankful that God made Dinosaurs.

10.  Princess Joy Bug is thankful that God made grasshoppers.

11. I was thankful for the blessings that the children were being thankful for.

12.  Princess Joy Bug was thankful that Jesus was “raised up” after He died.

13.  Special Son was thankful for all of the stuff in our house.

14.  Princess Joy Bug was thankful that Jesus loves everyone.

15.  Special Son was thankful that God made the world for us.

16.  Princess Joy Bug was thankful that Jesus is the Creator – he didn’t need any help to make everything.

17.  I was thankful for the fact that we had food in the cupboard to have breakfast.

18.  Princess Joy Bug was thankful that Jesus put bones in our bodies so that we could stand up.

So there you have it – our Thursday morning blessing list. 

I wish you could have been at our table with us this morning and experienced the joy that began to bubble over as each new blessing was shared. 

Princess Joy Bug continued to write in her own 3-year-old way, many more blessings as I was preparing breakfast.  And I must admit, it did my heart good to remember the little things in life that God has blessed me with. 

Do you know that the Bible says God has given each of us more blessings than there is sand on the seashore – that’s a whole lot more than 18.

So I give you the challenge today – why not count your blessings – see what God has done!!!!

Have a great day

My Three Blessings

My Three Blessings

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They say that four-year-olds ask on average 473 questions a day. 

Well Princess Joy Bug  took that number to new heights, becoming the question machine yesterday.  Her line of questioning went as follows…

Mum – what does an octopus eat?  crabs…well what does a cow eat?  grass…well what does a jellyfish eat and what is inside it’s legs?…

This continued for the entire meal preparation and lunch time, then thankfully it was rest time, but she picked up where she left off, opening her eyes and simultaneously forming questions with her mouth.  Mum what does a tiger eat?…

Later in the day we went out as a family in the car and on the way home the “What does it eat?” questions began again.  But this time Special son was in on the answering. 

Princess Joy Bug – What does a grasshopper eat? 

Me – Grass

Princess Joy Bug – What does an ant eat?

Me – all sorts of stuff that falls on the ground

Princess Joy Bug – What does a Christmas beetle eat?

Special son – Cake

Me – Cake?????????

Lots of laughing follows…

Special son – Yes mum – all insects eat cake at Christmas (Hermie has a lot to answer for!!!!!!!)

Not to be deterred…

Princess Joy Bug – What does a caterpillar eat?

Special Son (giggling) – Chocolate pie!!

So there you have it – if you want inventive answers to your questions – don’t ask mum, ask your six-year-old brother!!!

And the next time you see a caterpillar eating a chocolate pie – remember you heard it from me first 🙂

Have a great day

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