Friday’s Family Fun – Mulberry Memories

Tonight we picked (and ate) mulberries by torch light. Special Man’s parents have two mulberry trees in their backyard and at the moment they are jam packed full of fruit.  And we of course just had to help them lighten their load. The mulberry tree laden with fruit is a magnificent site.  In my opinion […]

Theological Thursday – Climbing Peter’s Ladder

Did you know that Peter (the bible Peter) has a ladder? I didn’t either until a couple of weeks ago. It’s not a literal ladder, but a ladder none the less.  It is a series of steps, each one following the other, which in every sense is a ladder.  You can’t jump from the bottom rung […]

Daily Themes

So I’ve been reading through some other blogs and a common thread seems to be daily themes.  Different things to write about on different days.  The idea appeals to me.  I work well within a structure.  So now all I have to do is think of some themes that would inspire me to write.  At […]