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Old Fridge

Our fridge just died.

It died on Sabbath morning to be more precise. 

I had noticed that the things in the freezer were rather melted on Thursday, but just put it down to someone not having shut the fridge properly.  When Special man discovered them in a very unfrozen state on Sabbath morning, we decided that something was amiss.  Unfortunately upon further inspection we found that the compressor was trying its hardest to cool the fridge – trying so hard that it was burning hot – our fridge was dying. 

Special man pulled the plug.

It’s just a fridge!

But it so just isn’t!!!!

Our fridge was a wedding present from my mum and dad all those eleven years ago. 

It held the very first grocery items we bought together as a married couple. 

It has moved with us from Caboolture to Cooranbong to Ourimbah to Kearsley to Townsville to Taree and to Jimboomba – and never complained! 

It has gathered many magnets from each of the places we have visited and has been adorned with many picasso’s painted and drawn by my special three. 

It has welcomed left overs and been the home to many rotting veges and colourful displays of mould encrusted “somethings”.

When we lived in Townsville our fridge used to “talk” to us.  It made many strange groaning noises, just like it was chatting.  We thought that we would lose it up there, as the moaning didn’t sound good…but it hung on for another six years – what a trooper!!

But my fridge is now gone where all old fridges go…

We removed the magnets, job charts and pictures and have now placed them on the replacement. 

My kitchen feels wrong now.  I can’t explain why or how…it’s just wrong!

But it’s just a fridge!!!

Yes but it was my fridge and I loved my fridge!!!

Goodbye old fridge!


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This afternoon the kids and I did something we have never done and had a great time doing it! 

Armed with a soccer ball each we headed to the local soccer fields for some fun and exercise.  Exercise is not my favourite past time, and having the kids has made it even easier to find excuses not to participate in this oh so painful, oh so sweaty of experiences.  But today was an exception, we went and we sweated and it wasn’t even that painful :)…(I may even call it an enjoyable experience :))

Firstly we just kicked and chased balls around the field – lots of fun.  Then we sprinted (the kids sprinted, I walked quicker than usual) from the cricket pitch to the edge of the field.  Then I brought out my big challenge – to run all the way around the field without stopping or walking – the challenge was to pace themselves.  They thought they were up to the challenge!! 

Special Son took off at a gallop (I was not surprised), wanting to be first and best is definately a character trait of his that we are working on.  He soon slowed to a walk only to be spurred on again by a glimpse at his younger sister Princess JoyBug, who had taken off in the opposite direction so that they could high five eachother at the halfway point.  Princess JoyBug set off at a rate that she maintained methodically for the entire circle – never once stopping or even slowing to a walk.  My Mummy heart was bursting with pride – this little girl was challenging herself and winning!!!  She got to the end and said – I want to do that again.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would make it around again without slowing to a walk – but she did.  This time Special Son (who paced himself) made it around without slowing too!!! 

Princess Curly Tops (who shall not be forgotten) also managed to run/walk the entire field – the smile on her face as she did so was priceless!!!

Then came the fun – Force ’em Backs.  I haven’t played this game since I was a teenager.  Every afternoon I played with my younger brother in the backyard.  Don’t recall winning too many times – but I’m sure I succeeded more in this activity than I did against him in Ping Pong – I know for certain that in all of my growing up years to this day I have won only one game against my brother (oh the shame :))

For those who aren’t familiar with the game…Each team takes a turn in kicking the ball.  The opposing team must then stop the ball.  Wherever they stop the ball, they must then kick the ball from, back to the other team.  The object of the game – to force the opposing team back to the edge of the field. 

We had loads of fun – we even managed to play in the rain.  Princess Curly Tops wasn’t so excited about being wet, so unfortunately we had to head home prematurely.  But the kids all want to go back again tomorrow – so I think that this is definately a winner.

Exercise for me and the kids – at the same time!!! 

(Hope I can still walk in the morning :))

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Well it has been awhile since I have graced my blog with my presence, but today my kids and I produced a piece of writing that I needed to share.  As you may or may not know, I homeschool.  This year homeschooling has become even more interesting and fun as Princess Joy Bug has joined the schooling ranks.  She just loves it and Special Son is enjoying having a school buddy and is also being motivated by her efforts – especially in the area of writing.  Princess Joy Bug loves writing – Special Son does not.  He is however motivated by the need to write as much as his sister, so with the pressure on we are seeing some literary marvels coming from his pen.

We have begun our year by jetsetting around the globe learning about God’s World – inspired by the song which has the same title – you may have heard it.

What shall we do with all the paper?

What shall we do with all the glass?

What shall we do, what shall we do?

We will recycle, reduce and reuse.

Cause it’s God’s world and we live in it

God’s world, so let’s take care of it

God’s world and we live in it

This is God’s world!

So to the tune of this great song we are travelling from Continent to Continent learning about the wonderful things each one has to offer and also completing a lapbook on an endangered animal that lives on its shores.  So far we have visited Africa and studied the rhino.  Interesting Fact (I love facts, so I had to insert this)  There are no black or white rhinos!  The african word for wide is “weit”, which was the response given to Europeans when they were asking about the rhinos – referring to the White rhino’s mouth – which is wide so it can graze on grass.  So the “clever” Europeans began calling the rhino with the wide mouth the White Rhino (thinking that was what it was called).  The name stuck (even though they did eventually discover that they were wrong) and because they called one rhino white, they thought that they may as well call the other rhino the black rhino, even though they are both grey.  So in this case I suppose you would be correct to say that there is no black or white – only shades of grey :).

Where was I?  Yes we were travelling, so after Africa and its endangered rhinos, we headed to Antartica and decided to save the whales.  This has been a very enjoyable lapbook.  Princess Joy Bug and Special Son loved measuring the whales in our backyard.  We incidently could not have a Blue Whale as a pet, due to the fact that it cannot fit in our backyard (that and the fact that we have no water there, or krill, or…well I’m sure you get the picture, but the measuring of its length was definately a fun exercise.  (Except for being bitten by black ants every time we went outside – what is it with them at this time of year!!!).

Part of the lapbook called for a retell of the story of Jonah, highlighting the lessons we can learn from this story.  Princess JoyBug managed to write 5 pages to complete this task – she certainly is a fantastic little storyteller – I may post up their efforts in another blog.  We also had to write a Whale of a Tale.  We decided to do this as a Joint construction.  So this afternoon we spent a very enjoyable half an hour brainstorming ideas for our outrageously silly whale story.

We eventually decided on a backwards Jonah story, where Jonah swallows the whale instead of the whale swallowing Jonah.  Here is the finished product…

Once there was a whale named Atlantis.  One day an angelfish named Rachel came and said to Atlantis,

“Go.  Go to the Coral Reef of turtles and tell them to stop eating all of the jellyfish.  If they don’t I will send a wave of water to wash them out to sea.”

But Atlantis said “No!”

He packed his clam purse with nickels and pennies and coins and caught the first iceberg headed to Antarctica.  All of a sudden the iceberg started to melt.  The penguin sailors were frightened, they were waddling everywhere squawking to their penguin god.  The captain of the iceberg waddled over and shook Atlantis, who was singing at the top of his lungs.  He hadn’t even noticed that the iceberg was melting.

“Do something about this!  You’re the biggest animal on earth!”

At once Atlantis stopped singing, stuck his head under the water and saw a seaweed lasso around the iceberg.  He turned to the captain and said, “I am the cause of this melting.  The angel fish is pulling this iceberg to shore.  Throw me onto the shore so I can beach myself and then the melting will stop.”

“No!” squawked the captain, but then some iceberg water dripped onto his beak freezing his mouth.  He pointed to the beach, because his mouth was frozen shut, but the other penguins knew what to do and before you could wink, Atlantis was turfed onto the sand. But the Angel fish didn’t want Atlantis to die, so he sent a big, strong, muscly lifesaver to put him on the back of his beach buggy.

The lifesaver was singing at the top of his lungs as he bounced the beach buggy across the sand.  Just as he was singing the chorus of “Angels we have heard on high” with a loud “Glorrrrrr…” the beach buggy ran right into a beach umbrella, causing Atlantis to fly high into the air and land headfirst in the lifesaver’s mouth.  The lifesaver swallowed him in one gulp.  Down, down, down the tube slid Atlantis.  He was inside the lifesaver for three days and three nights.  Then Atlantis knew it was time to obey.

At that moment, the lifesaver got the hiccups.  Atlantis felt like he was jumping on a trampoline and before he knew it, he was zooming up the pipe and diving headfirst back into the ocean he loved.

Bubbling up beside him came the angel fish, Rachel and once again said “Go to the coral reef of turtles.”

With a splish and a splash Atlantis zoomed off to obey.  He had definately learned his lesson and now had a whale of a tale to tell!

So there you have it – hope it made you smile.  We certainly had lots of laughs writing it! 

What can I say – we have a whale of a time in our homeschool 😉





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