About Friday’s Family Fun

Welcome to Friday’s Family Fun Blog Hop – so glad you could join us!!   Have you heard the statement – the family that prays together, stays together?  Well I want to take that one step further and add, the family that prays  AND plays together, stays together.

What is it that provides a sense of family?  Many things contribute, but none so much as the tradition of time.  It is not enough to take time to be a family just on holidays or when it is convenient.  You have to let the people in your family know they are special by making, looking forward to, and keeping a series of scheduled social “just for fun” engagements.  This special time set apart allows everyone to bond with the others, not only in the activity planned, but also in the anticipation  of that special time.   Dad needs to be a part of these family fun times too!!

I believe if you want to draw the hearts of your family closer, you will have to provide a minimum of one special time each week that is entirely theirs – time you plan, schedule, and defend at all costs against any activities that would steal away from you those special moments.

Friday’s Family Fun blog hop is the place for you to share your family’s special times with others.  I am hoping that what is written here will inspire you to continue in this special time with your family and inspire others to take up the challenge to spend time playing with their family every week…maybe even every day!!!

How do I join?
Join the journey each week by posting about something you and your family did together this week, just for fun.  It could be as simple as hide and seek, or a special trip away.  Whatever it was we want you to share it!!
Link-up Guidelines:
  • Just write your own post using the outlines here: https://goddidcreations.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/about-fridays-family-fun/
  • Then, come back to https://goddidcreations.wordpress.com anytime between Friday & Thursday each week, click the  ”click here” words at the end of my “Friday’s Fun Time” post, and follow the simple instructions to link up.
  • Please leave a comment after you link up.
  • The link-up will be open each Friday at 12:00am through Thursday at 11:59pm (Australian EST)
  • If you link up, please link us directly to the url of your journal post, and kindly insert the ”Friday’s Fun Day” graphic into your post as well.
  • Since the link-up is open for 7 days, please check back often, and visit all of the other bloggers that have linked up with you.
Graphics for your journal post:

 Thanks for joining us.  I look forward to reading your posts each week!


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