About Monday’s Mothering Moments

Welcome to Monday’s Mothering Moments… If you are a mother, I’m sure that your days are filled with many moments that you wished afterwards that you had recorded somewhere – somewhere you can come back to and read over and over again.  Well now is your chance, and you also get to share these precious moments with other mums.  So welcome to Monday’s Mothering Moments – the mum’s sharing place. 
How do I join?
Share a moment each week by posting a mothering moment.  It may be…
  • A photo of your special kids
  • A funny/cute thing that your kids did or said
  • A struggle that you are having as a mother
  • A discipline technique that works
  • mummy’s “time out”  things that you do
  • or anything else you feel fits within the topic of mothering
Can’t wait to read your posts 🙂
Link-up Guidelines:
  • Just write your own post using the outlines here:  https://goddidcreations.wordpress.com/2011/04/29/about-mondays-mothering-moments/
  • Then, come back to https://goddidcreations.wordpress.com anytime between Tuesday & Sunday each week, click the  ”click here” words at the end of my “Monday’s Mothering Moments” post, and follow the simple instructions to link up.
  • Please leave a comment after you link up.
  • The link-up will be open each Monday at 12:00am through Sunday at 11:59pm (Australian EST)
  • If you link up, please link us directly to the url of your journal post, and kindly insert the ”Monday’s Mothering Moments” graphic into your post as well.
  • Since the link-up is open for 7 days, please check back often, and visit all of the other bloggers that have linked up with you.
Graphics for your journal post:

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