Monday’s Mothering Moments #1

Well welcome to my very first installment in the Monday’s Mothering Moments Blog Hop.  A place to share all of those little things that happen just because you have the priviledge of being a mum.  If you’d like to join me just click here and it will take you to my post that explains everything.

This weeks mothering moment…

Yesterday we went out for a walk as a family.  Special man and Princess Joy Bug were playing tag and during this game, Princess Joy Bug managed to casplat herself on the rocks, resulting in a scratch along the underside of her arm and a skinned knee.  She was quite melodramatic about the whole affair. 

Anyway… hours later, when we were sitting around the lunch table she was still complaining about the scratch on her arm and how much it was hurting and she said that none of us could understand just how much it was hurting.

Special Man then launched into a story about the time he cut off the top of his finger and sliced his hand (this required many stitches and time off work – he cut it with the router).  Princess Joy Bug’s pout increased.  I then said that I had had three cuts in my tummy (c sections) and I didn’t complain.

“Yeah she said…but yours didn’t sting!!!”


Happy Mothering…

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