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I thought I would try my hand at this Blog Hop phenomena.  Hopefully it will lead to more people coming to visit and inspire me to write more often.  I really do find blogging a very therapeutic thing to do, so motivation to make my fingers type on that keyboard is a good thing.

I hope that Thursday’s Thoughts becomes part of your weekly routine too.  To find out what you need to do, just click on the picture above.

 So here goes…

My waking thoughts were…

Go Away!!  (This needs an explanation :))

I was woken in the still dark hours by Special Son requesting to watch Berenstain Bears on the computer this morning.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Of course the answer was NO!!!!!  I had not gotten to bed until 11:00pm, as I had to wait up for someone coming to drop stuff off at our house, then Princess Curly tops woke up TWICE due to her coughing bug.  Needless to say, I was not impressed with his FAR TOO EARLY request.  And for those of you who were wondering – no he is never allowed to watch Berenstain Bears on the computer in the morning!!!

The first thing I did today was…


Sibling Rivalry – my favourite sport.

After his visit this morning Special son went back to his room to play lego, he was soon joined by Princess Joy Bug (after she had woken me and requested something – I had just gone back to sleep after my previous visit – and did I mention – IT WAS STILL DARK!!!!!!). 

A little while later, I was awoken again by a whisper a millimetre from my nose – It was Princess Curly Tops.  She was being refused entry to her brother’s bedroom.  I decided to give up on sleep at this point and go play mummy…the day begins :).  

Today I most needed God when…

the Telstra Salesman came to the door for the SECOND time this afternoon.  I told him I wasn’t interested the first time, as I was on the phone to Special Man, so I couldn’t talk. 

He said he would come back. 

I said that wasn’t necessary. 

He thought it was. 

This time it was tea time.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.  It is so hard to be kind and loving to pushy salesmen – or is it just me.  Corrie Ten Boom says in one of her books, that every encounter we have with people has been orchestrated by our Heavenly Father.  This encounter for me has been recorded as a FAIL.

5 things I accomplished today…

  1. Took three kids to a doctor’s appointment and survived (just)
  2. Did a small amount of grocery shopping (to the tune of Princess Joy Bug’s Tantrums…her name and her attitude are a little bit of a contradiction here :)).
  3. Blow-dried my kids hair before they went to bed.
  4. Fed my children three meals.
  5. Succeeded in making Princess Curly Tops have her daytime rest (the previous two days were not as successful – the removal of all of her dollies threat worked a treat :))

Today I wish I hadn’t…

had to remove a dog’s present from my back yard.  As I was preparing breakfast (which by the way was the worst batch of sultana pikelets EVER!), I thought I saw this flash of white go past the back door.  I shook my head, thinking it must be a bird. 

I was mistaken. 

Very soon, The White flash and its buddy Mr Black were back tearing in and out of the toys on the back patio.  I looked up just in time to witness The White Flash leaving me his signature dish on the back lawn!!!!  Operation “Doggies get out of my back yard” went into full swing.  This was a very noisy operation (no undercover agents here!), with all three kids yelling at the top of their lungs and me opening the gate to let the intruders aka The White Flash and Mr Black back onto the street where they proceeded to run up and down the road harassing every dog in every back yard for a good half an hour. 

Special Son was especially impressed with our neighbour’s method of doggie removal – spraying them with her hose.  It was an eventful morning – and we hadn’t even gotten out of our pajamas yet!

Today’s special moment…

Special Man is currently away doing a fly and build in the Solomon Islands.  Originally this meant that we wouldn’t be able to communicate with him for the entire duration of his stay away.  Well today – I got a phone call!!!!!  It was a special moment indeed.  It’s amazing how great that voice sounds when you are missing it so much!!!

A photo from today…

Sisters with the blow-dried hair…


My thought for today…

No person has ever gone blind from looking at the bright side of life.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


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Well it has been awhile since I have graced my blog with my presence, but today my kids and I produced a piece of writing that I needed to share.  As you may or may not know, I homeschool.  This year homeschooling has become even more interesting and fun as Princess Joy Bug has joined the schooling ranks.  She just loves it and Special Son is enjoying having a school buddy and is also being motivated by her efforts – especially in the area of writing.  Princess Joy Bug loves writing – Special Son does not.  He is however motivated by the need to write as much as his sister, so with the pressure on we are seeing some literary marvels coming from his pen.

We have begun our year by jetsetting around the globe learning about God’s World – inspired by the song which has the same title – you may have heard it.

What shall we do with all the paper?

What shall we do with all the glass?

What shall we do, what shall we do?

We will recycle, reduce and reuse.

Cause it’s God’s world and we live in it

God’s world, so let’s take care of it

God’s world and we live in it

This is God’s world!

So to the tune of this great song we are travelling from Continent to Continent learning about the wonderful things each one has to offer and also completing a lapbook on an endangered animal that lives on its shores.  So far we have visited Africa and studied the rhino.  Interesting Fact (I love facts, so I had to insert this)  There are no black or white rhinos!  The african word for wide is “weit”, which was the response given to Europeans when they were asking about the rhinos – referring to the White rhino’s mouth – which is wide so it can graze on grass.  So the “clever” Europeans began calling the rhino with the wide mouth the White Rhino (thinking that was what it was called).  The name stuck (even though they did eventually discover that they were wrong) and because they called one rhino white, they thought that they may as well call the other rhino the black rhino, even though they are both grey.  So in this case I suppose you would be correct to say that there is no black or white – only shades of grey :).

Where was I?  Yes we were travelling, so after Africa and its endangered rhinos, we headed to Antartica and decided to save the whales.  This has been a very enjoyable lapbook.  Princess Joy Bug and Special Son loved measuring the whales in our backyard.  We incidently could not have a Blue Whale as a pet, due to the fact that it cannot fit in our backyard (that and the fact that we have no water there, or krill, or…well I’m sure you get the picture, but the measuring of its length was definately a fun exercise.  (Except for being bitten by black ants every time we went outside – what is it with them at this time of year!!!).

Part of the lapbook called for a retell of the story of Jonah, highlighting the lessons we can learn from this story.  Princess JoyBug managed to write 5 pages to complete this task – she certainly is a fantastic little storyteller – I may post up their efforts in another blog.  We also had to write a Whale of a Tale.  We decided to do this as a Joint construction.  So this afternoon we spent a very enjoyable half an hour brainstorming ideas for our outrageously silly whale story.

We eventually decided on a backwards Jonah story, where Jonah swallows the whale instead of the whale swallowing Jonah.  Here is the finished product…

Once there was a whale named Atlantis.  One day an angelfish named Rachel came and said to Atlantis,

“Go.  Go to the Coral Reef of turtles and tell them to stop eating all of the jellyfish.  If they don’t I will send a wave of water to wash them out to sea.”

But Atlantis said “No!”

He packed his clam purse with nickels and pennies and coins and caught the first iceberg headed to Antarctica.  All of a sudden the iceberg started to melt.  The penguin sailors were frightened, they were waddling everywhere squawking to their penguin god.  The captain of the iceberg waddled over and shook Atlantis, who was singing at the top of his lungs.  He hadn’t even noticed that the iceberg was melting.

“Do something about this!  You’re the biggest animal on earth!”

At once Atlantis stopped singing, stuck his head under the water and saw a seaweed lasso around the iceberg.  He turned to the captain and said, “I am the cause of this melting.  The angel fish is pulling this iceberg to shore.  Throw me onto the shore so I can beach myself and then the melting will stop.”

“No!” squawked the captain, but then some iceberg water dripped onto his beak freezing his mouth.  He pointed to the beach, because his mouth was frozen shut, but the other penguins knew what to do and before you could wink, Atlantis was turfed onto the sand. But the Angel fish didn’t want Atlantis to die, so he sent a big, strong, muscly lifesaver to put him on the back of his beach buggy.

The lifesaver was singing at the top of his lungs as he bounced the beach buggy across the sand.  Just as he was singing the chorus of “Angels we have heard on high” with a loud “Glorrrrrr…” the beach buggy ran right into a beach umbrella, causing Atlantis to fly high into the air and land headfirst in the lifesaver’s mouth.  The lifesaver swallowed him in one gulp.  Down, down, down the tube slid Atlantis.  He was inside the lifesaver for three days and three nights.  Then Atlantis knew it was time to obey.

At that moment, the lifesaver got the hiccups.  Atlantis felt like he was jumping on a trampoline and before he knew it, he was zooming up the pipe and diving headfirst back into the ocean he loved.

Bubbling up beside him came the angel fish, Rachel and once again said “Go to the coral reef of turtles.”

With a splish and a splash Atlantis zoomed off to obey.  He had definately learned his lesson and now had a whale of a tale to tell!

So there you have it – hope it made you smile.  We certainly had lots of laughs writing it! 

What can I say – we have a whale of a time in our homeschool 😉





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The bizarre egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, river-swimming mammal, otherwise known as the platypus is definitely a creature that deserves a closer look.


Platypuses like to live alone on the edges of rivers and freshwater lakes where they can dig burrows into the overhanging riverbanks.  During the day platypuses often rest in their burrows, but may spend some hours near the entrance basking in the sun and grooming their dense fur, which interestingly has a similar structure to the animals found in the arctic regions – thick woolly fur near the skin and an outer layer of guard hairs that look like drinking straws which fill up with air and act like a raincoat so that most of the animal’s body is dry even when diving. Platypus fur is extremely fine and even denser than that of polar bears and river otters, with 600-900 hairs covering each square millimetre of skin.  Warmth is especially important considering a platypus spends up to twelve hours each day in water as cold as zero degrees Celsius.


Platypuses are nocturnal and forage for food every night. They dive for about thirty seconds, generally in shallow water less than about five metres deep, and often rest on the surface chewing for only ten seconds between dives and they can perform about seventy-five dives per hour.  While diving, the platypus temporarily stores small food items in its special cheek pouches. When it returns to the surface to breathe, the food is ground up very finely between rough pads located inside their bill.  The platypus’ diet mainly consists of freshwater invertebrates such as shrimps, worms, yabbies, pea-shell mussels, and immature and adult aquatic insects.  Small frogs and fish eggs are also eaten occasionally, along with some terrestrial insects that fall into the water from overhanging vegetation.


Baby platypuses drink a rich milk that is secreted from two round patches of skin midway along their mother’s belly – female platypuses do not have nipples. It is believed that a baby platypus feeds by slurping up milk with rhythmic sweeps of its stubby bill.  Females’ dig elaborate nesting burrows around twenty metres long with multiple chambers and earth plugs which they share with their unweaned young.  A female platypus produces a clutch of one to three eggs in late winter or spring. The eggs are 15-18 millimetres long and have a thin, leathery shell, like those of snakes and lizards. The mother is believed to incubate them between her lower belly and curled-up tail for  about ten days as she rests in an underground nest made of leaves or other vegetation collected from the water.   When the juveniles first enter the water at the age of about four months, they are nearly as long as an adult.

As the platypus hunts underwater and predominantly at night, hearing and eye-sight are of little use in detecting prey. Accordingly, the platypus closes both its eyes and ears and relies on its “sixth sense” – an electro-receptor system, located in its bill.  Even though the platypus’ bill is commonly said to be duck shaped it is not at all hard like that of a duck, it is in fact rubbery, flexible and covered with skin.  The upper and lower bill surfaces are packed with hundreds of receptors which respond to touch and the tiny electric currents produced when invertebrates move in the water. These receptors are also believed to be vital to the platypus’ ability to navigate successfully among rocks and other obstacles when submerged. 


So even though the platypus can’t see or hear its potential food, it knows it’s there – it can sense it.  This is really a great picture of our relationship with God.  We can’t see Him with our eyes and we can’t hear Him speak with our ears, yet we know He’s there.  If we are tuned in there are times when His voice seems as loud as a thunderclap and His love so clearly seen in the tiny opening flower bud or smile of an infant. 


Tuning in isn’t easy – everything here is so noisy and we are so busy.  But God begs us to be still and know that He is there.  Turn off the music, step outside of the chaos and spend some time listening for God’s voice – He’s always talking to us, we aren’t always listening.  How do I know God is there and that He loves me – I can’t really explain it, but I know that He is and I’m glad that His unseen hand is leading my life. 


He’s leading you too, why not take the time to tune in to His voice.

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