Friday’s Family Fun #1

Welcome to Friday’s Family Fun Blog Hop – so glad you could join me!! Have you heard the statement – the family that prays together, stays together?  Well I want to take that one step further and add, the family that prays  AND plays together, stays together. What is it that provides a sense of family?  Many things […]

Homeschooling Happiness

Just thought I would remind myself and share with you the wonderful things about homeschooling… My children are each other’s best friends.  On many occasions my 2 daughters have stood together, noses touching and declared to each other – best friends forever!  (my mummy heart does a leap).  There are three years between my eldest […]

Force ’em Back

This afternoon the kids and I did something we have never done and had a great time doing it!  Armed with a soccer ball each we headed to the local soccer fields for some fun and exercise.  Exercise is not my favourite past time, and having the kids has made it even easier to find […]