Friday’s Family Fun – Mulberry Memories

Tonight we picked (and ate) mulberries by torch light. Special Man’s parents have two mulberry trees in their backyard and at the moment they are jam packed full of fruit.  And we of course just had to help them lighten their load. The mulberry tree laden with fruit is a magnificent site.  In my opinion […]

Brochuring on…

Talk about a task bigger than Ben Hur!!!

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Special man phoned this place about the possibility of selling our products on their website and they said – “Sure come in and see us, we’d love to see your brochure!”


Family Fun Time

A daily ritual within our household is something we like to call Family Fun Time.  It is basically a time that we set aside each day to “play” together as a family.  We do things like hide and seek, 4WD ing, feed the ducks, build blocks…  The list is really endless – the only rule […]