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Talk about a task bigger than Ben Hur!!! 

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Special man phoned this place about the possibility of selling our products on their website and they said – “Sure come in and see us, we’d love to see your brochure!”


Okay – we’ll be in ASAP.  

Well that was then and this is now and I’m still in the brochure making phase.  Wow what a job!!!!!!

It’s not just about what it looks like, but what it says – or so the experts say.

So what exactly do I say – how do I say it so that it says just what I want it to say without saying anything that I don’t need it to say in a way that when it is read by all of those millions of readers out there it says just what they needed it to say in order to buy my stuff.

I have collected a bucket load of brochures – the little old lady at the information centre said to me – are you looking for anything in particular dear.  No not really I replied smiling while I took one of every brochure they had in the centre!

Then I did the “what do I like about them” test.  It’s amazing how quickly you see what works and what doesn’t – well for me anyway, because the person who was responsible for designing each of those brochures obviously thought they looked pretty good or they wouldn’t have made it that way in the first place, now would they!!!  Again the dilemma – is what I think looks good, what will really sell my stuff?????????????

Well every spare moment of thought has been devoted to the compilation of this little piece of paper that will in some ways predict our future.  I may look like I am cooking tea, but I am really composing the most amazing blurb describing the show-stopping abilities of Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy.  Until of course the inevitable “MUM!!!!!” brings me back to me senses.

My first attempts have been, let’s just be frank and say it – down right dreadful.  But things are looking up.  I think that we have gotten three of the pages almost (notice I say almost) to the point where there is the possibility that I could be slightly swayed into thinking that they are maybe okay enough to be reconsidered approximately only two, three or four more times.

But last night there was a breakthrough of magnitudinal proportions. 

Special man and I were discussing – you guessed it – the brochure and the what on earth do we put in it question, more specifically the catch phrase – our slogan if you will.  The who are we, what do we do question. 

This is something I have been wanting to nail down since forever, but have never been able to produce with any success.  But last night – by joves I think we did it!

Our ministry teaches children about God through nature.  We believe that God has put His stamp of love on every flower, blade of grass and puff of cloud and urges us to go and find Him out in nature.  So we link amazing nature facts with lessons about God’s love in an exciting, fun, interesting and musical way.  We CONNECT KIDS WITH THEIR CREATOR.

And there it was – staring me in the face. 

God Did Creations – Connecting Kids with their Creator. 

Who we are and what we do in a nut shell!  One down…

Until we chat again – be rest assured that I will be brochuring on…


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My mother’s day began in a very special way, with two very excited kids bounding into my room, declaring that it was time for a treasure hunt.  One present was placed on my bed and I was informed that I was allowed to open that one in there.  This present was from Special Son – it was a ruler that had a LED light in it that lights up the numbers (something that we had bought for his Aunty for her birthday and he remembered that I liked it.)

After opening this present, I was lead to the lounge room and informed by two bouncing up and down children that their present had been hidden all over the house and I was to find them. 

**Now just an historical note on the present buying – Special Man had taken both Special Son and Princess Joy Bug to a 2 dollar shop and had let them choose whatever presents they wanted for me – so just what I was going to receive was definately a mystery 🙂 **

Mother's day

The searching was not difficult at all – as with their super excitement, both Special Son and Princess Joy Bug ran and found each present for me, bringing them to me on the lounge and bounced up and down until I opened them.  They had also chosen their own paper – Special Son – Jungle paper with a matching card.  Princess Joy Bug – Heavy moving equipment that held presents and a Dora Card.

My eventual list of presents

Special Son – LED ruler, Pearl Beads, Pink colander, peeler, cocoa body lotion.

Princess Joy Bug – Butterfly mobile, flower beads, red hearts, blue friendship beads, basket, citrus body lotion.

Very special gifts from the heart!!


Now to breakfast…

I was banished to my room – where I turned my beads into a braclet and some friendship pins, while the “chefs” got to work.

Not too long passed when I was greeted with and orange juice and three “waiters” dressed like this:

The waiters

Notice they are holding menus – I was invited to the C5 restaurant for breakfast.  Here were the menu items – with choices I might add.

C5 menu

I had sparkling grape juice, croissant served with bree cheese and grilled haloumi cheese, bircher muesli served with greekstyle passionfruit yoghurt and strawberries, followed by mushrooms and grilled tomatoes on toast. 

Talk about a breakfast fit for a king!!!  And it tasted as good as it sounds.  Might I add that the table was also decorated – every detail was covered.

So thankyou my special family, for a very wonderful Mother’s day morning – this mother certainly felt very special and very loved.

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Well I have just devoted the last hour to playing around with ideas for the CD cover to go with our Outback Adventure album.  It still needs some tweaking – namely the Ranger Dan and Mrs Tammy actual photos, but I am really excited with the result so far!! 

What do you think?

Outback Adventure CD cover

Now to writing the songs 🙂

Have a great day!!

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