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Princess Joybug broke her arm last week.

Now I am what you call a very overprotective mother – especially when it comes to matters of physical safety.  The words, slow down, walk on the cement, hold my hand, don’t climb and be careful, are never far from my lips.  But last Tuesday I did something totally against character and am living to regret it!!

It was pack up time and Princess Joybug was still playing on the miniature playground that they had out at playgroup.  I was standing about 3 metres away watching her and my other two.  She proceded to climb across and stood in a space where the slippery slide was situated until a few minutes before – it had now been packed away.  She called out to me “Mum, can you help me get down.”  I looked at the height of the playground, sized it up and thought, she can handle that it’s not too high and said words that have now been seered to my memory, words that I will remember until the day I die, words that have caused a lot of pain, words I wish that I had never said – “It’s okay, you can jump”.

Unbeknowns to me, the middle bracing had also been packed away, causing the playground to be a little unstable and when Princess Joybug pushed to jump off, the playground moved, ever so slightly, but just enough to cause her to land, rather than on her feet, in a froglike heap on the ground.

“I can’t move my arm, I can’t move my arm!”

The unthinkable had happened and I was the cause!

My little girl was experiencing pain – pain that could have so easily been avoided, had I just grabbed that little hand that was reaching out to me and helped her down.  If only…

When I looked at that tiny little arm as it was about to be plastered, my heart just broke. 

As I’m writing this now my thoughts are drawn to another hand that is reaching, but this hand isn’t reaching out asking for help, it is reaching down to me saying – “Let me help you”.

God has said to me through His word that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” “Nothing is too hard to bear with His help” “Do not be afraid, for He is with me”.  Yet even though I know these promises and I know how wonderfully things turn out when I remember them, most of the time I find myself saying to the offered hand – “It’s okay, I can jump!”   I try to go it alone and end up falling in a frog-like heap, breaking more than just my arm! 

Just like how this experience with Princess Joybug has reminded me how precious my little girl is to me and how much I want to protect her from all of the pain and suffering this world has to offer, it has reminded me of my Loving Heavenly Father who also wants to protect me from the pain and suffering this world has to offer.

And in both instances, all I need to do is grab the outstretched hand!


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