Homeschool Mother’s Journey – April 29


In my life this week…

Special Man is back!!!!!!  This has made for a great week, no matter what else happened.  He came home on Monday night.  The flight landed early – yay!!!  But customs took 2 hours to get through – :(.  It was like an anticlimax.  2 weeks of waiting, then the excitement of thinking he will be out soon, then the very long dragged out “is he ever going to come out the door” feeling.

We have this family saying, that no matter where we are Special Man will always be the last one to leave.  It happens regularly at church – we are the last to leave.  Well there were 30 people from our church who went to the fly and build and yep, you guessed it, Special Man was the last one out of customs :). 

Since he has come back, life is now more normal again.  You can almost taste the peacefulness that has decended.  We have spent the week enjoying each other’s company.

Despite it’s ups and downs – this week has been a good week!! 

In our homeschool this week…

We are currently still on holidays, so homeschool is on hold.  I should have been planning our next unit of work, but that is what the weekend will be for.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We spent Easter with my parents.  We saw my brother and sister and the kids had a chance to play with their cousins.  It was a great weekend.  My mum spoiled us rotten.  The joy of the days made up for the nightmare of the nights.  Special Son is still suffering from a nasty cough, so the night season is quite busy.  On our last night, very early in the morning, not long after I had gone back to the sleep from a visit to Special Son, I hear this cry from Princess Curly Tops – “My bed is broken and my pillow has gone all soft”.  She had managed to roll into the crack between her bed and Princess Joy Bug’s bed and was laying on the pillow that my mum had placed in there just incase she did fall out.  It was quite funny (in hindsight).  It did however wake up the other two and our very early morning began!

My favorite thing this week was…

Heading out to two night meetings at church.  Even though these were just planning meetings, the people on the committee are full of fun and we have laughed our way through all of the decisions.  Very joyful.

What’s working/not working for us…

Holidays are working great :), may there be more of them :).

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

I am hoping to include piano lessons for my kids this term.  Just wondering how/when you guys schedule this in – both the lesson and the practice sessions?

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

I have started a couple of blog hops myself – they are very much at the beginning stage, so I would really love you to help me get them off the ground.  The links are below.  Please check them out and link up!!




7 thoughts on “Homeschool Mother’s Journey – April 29

  1. Hi!

    We don’t do piano lessons anymore (because we gave away our piano due to space restrictions… and are in search of an electric keyboard!) but I’m teaching my kids guitar (as I learn it too… so it’s a family adventure!) I have my lessons with a family friend every Saturday evening, and do practice sessions during the week every night after supper, during which I teach the kids, so I suppose it’s not ‘during’ schooltime… but it works well for us because everyone is relaxed and cozy and can focus on what they’re doing. Plus, if they play too crazy, I know that they are going to bed in a couple hours and I won’t have an entire day’s worth of noise AFTER music practice! LOL. We tried, before we got rid of the piano, doing music practice in the AM and it just didn’t work out too well for us! 😉

  2. We go to piano lessons 30 minutes a week on Tuesday mornings – only a 10 minute drive. We usually practice after the lunch hour when things are less structured. Our piano is situated in the middle of everything because we had to keep it away from walls directly facing the outside due to moisture build up. Therefore, it is best to practice when dh is at work and can have quiet time when he comes home.

  3. My oldest has taken piano for 2 years & my 7year old is on her first year. They take lessons from a homeschool graduate, and their lessons are scheduled back-to-back on Tuesday afternoons. For practicing during the week, that is ideally done before & after lunch, during prep & clean up.

  4. our piano practice is scheduled into our daily routine – they practice for 20 minutes a day often at times when I’m helping out with a sibling!

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