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Well it has been a while since I’ve graced my blog pages with my presence and writing even today is proving quite a challenge.  The reason behind my absence – headaches!!!!!  Yes those deep, dark, dull aches that pervade the very essence of your mind and expand to engulf your entire being. 

Throughout my life I have always had the odd headache, as do we all, when I haven’t drunk enough water, or burnt the candle way down at both ends, but this year has literally been one big headache!!!

I come from a long line of migraine sufferers and have secretly patted myself on the back for dodging the nasty headache gene.  But I think that congratulations were passed around all too early – because it found me.  Locked there on my DNA chain, ready to be unleashed when I hit 34 was that nasty little chromosomal misery maker!!!

They’ve tested my eyes, they’ve tested my blood and the conclusion is – yep something you just have to live with.  Live with???????????  For those of you out there who have encountered the migraine monster – living with is not something you do with a migraine. 

For starters you can’t live with anyone else.  The slightest noise, crunch or even breath is far too intolerable.  Sunlight must of course be banned and the only activity that could be remotely referred to as “living” is done by your head which is being crammed into the pillow, to somehow remove all other forms of life from its existence.  So I wouldn’t say I do much in the way of what I call living when my friend the migraine comes to visit.

So if this is life…mmmm

They have (God bless the mighty man) created some amazing little pills that (if taken at precisely the right moment) suppress the nightmare of the headache and leave you in sort of a surreal bubble for the rest of the day.  Quite a strange reality, but at least it enables you to walk around and interact, well sort of.

All of this headachiness has made me very aware of what is really important to me.  While laying there in my life-avoidance state I have been surprised at what aspects of life I actually missed.  Not my computer, not my job, not my song writing, not any activity in particular.  I missed my family. 

While I was laying there, my Special man was manning the fort and taking my precious three with him.  They were all together creating irreplaceable memories and I was not there with them.  Father’s day was no exception – the special father in this household once again had to resume full parental duties and care for his brood, while his partner battled their unwelcome visitor.

I have found myself looking into the recesses of my mind to those seemingly far off days when I would bounce out of bed ready to take life by its horns. 

Will those days return? 

I’m praying they will.

Until then I challenge you to value every moment, because you don’t know what you have…


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